Our Philosophy

The Women Discipling Women Conference aims to equip women to better know and love God’s Word in such a way that they are able to more effectively use Scripture to grow in Christ and to counsel and disciple other women. Our desire is to reach women from all ethnicities and stages of life in a relevant way, teaching them how to love other women more practically and biblically. We believe God’s Word is the sole source of truth. God uses His Word to address each of life’s circumstances. When we grow in our understanding of God’s sufficient Word, we are able to love and minister to each other in a valuable way. Our purpose is to honor God by serving Him with a heart of worship and love toward our sisters in Christ.

Women are constantly giving each other advice…

We want to help women learn how to give biblical counsel in a kind yet bold way. Our goal is to Glorify God by igniting in women a passion for Scripture so that they understand its beauty and relevance. We believe Truth can radically transform women’s lives and those to whom they minister. We strengthen women to live, think, and love more biblically.